Your estate should look its best all year round…not just during the spring and summer seasons.

Residential landscaping by Tru Source utilizes all aspects of your home and estate projects:

  • Budget
  • Terrain characteristics
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Imagination

The design process begins with your wish to enhance the beauty of your home.

Landscaping is not just about keeping green grass. We believe we can help you increase the value of your home with our custom landscape design without increasing your tax value.

Did you know that a good landscape design may increase the value of your home without increasing your tax value?


Tru Source handles projects large and small. If your budget only allows for sod installation, we can handle it. But don’t let your budget limit your imagination; many imaginative projects are completed in phases. This approach can help you beautify your home throughout the year.

Terrain characteristics

Homeowners understand that North Carolina clay is not the easiest ground to work with. However, WE KNOW CLAY. We work with clay when it is wet and compacted with the same results as when it is dry and loose. Don’t let rough or rock-ridden turf stop you from a great lawn…speak with a Tru Source representative today.

Grounds maintenance

If you have a decent design already implemented, Tru Source can continue the maintenance work and even enhance the beauty of your estate. We possess an acute attention to detail and it shows on our properties. Our PHOTO GALLERY can only show you a still image of the living beauty we create.


The trend in landscaping is earth-friendly self-sustaining landscapes. We were one of the first early adopters of this trend and offer this as a specialty to you. If we cannot fully achieve your landscape design, we will work with the many talented professionals in the Research Triangle Park area to achieve that goal.

A short list of the services we offer to residential customers
  • Basic lawn maintenance programs - you set our schedule on when we can stop by and mow your lawn.  Lawn edging is included with the service.
  • Sod installation - we take the guess work out of installing sod as we inform you on the advantages of installing Tall Fescue, Bermuda, and Centipede grasses.
  • Sprigs installation - if you are looking for a faster return on your investment compared to seeding, Tru Source can install Bermuda and Centipede sprigs which produce grass blades at a faster rate.
  • Fertilization packages - we evaluate the pH level of your soil to determine how to treat your lawn for best growth.  Our packages are both flexible and extensive.  Our SIX STEP package includes a pH tested fertilization twice in the Spring, twice in the Summer, once in Autumn, and once in Winter.  All fertilization visits include broad and spot treatments for crabgrass and weeds
  • Irrigation system installation - all of our irrigation systems are custom designed for your estate to provide maximum coverage.  Irrigation systems will also be tuned to provide the right amount of moisture throughout the day on a custom schedule.
Call or email us if you require something that we have not listed above.

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